Notes by Meg

  • A bigger girl room

    It's been awhile in the making.

    Our little girl got a little bit bigger when she graduated from a crib to a big girl bed in December. 

    At the time in the midst of her birthday and Christmas it was really all we did.

    We found a mattress and a frame and plopped it in.

    It gave me time to think about how she uses the room as her little three year old self and how she'll use it for the next couple years.

  • Spring Sandbank: Give us all the pillows

    Nothing like a quarantine to decide to update the pillows, or the walls or the trim, or wash every surface imaginable. Right!? In this case I'll try my best to help with the pillows. Last week the third collection of the year at Oliver and Rust was released. Albeit to a closed store but, persuing...
  • A simple refresh in the bedroom.

    With the changing of the seasons, and sometimes besides the cleaning of the linens and washing of the windows we just need a little reset.  Maybe a new set of clean sheets. Maybe a new duvet cover or changing out to a "new" old one from the linen closet. Our bedroom was all suited up for warmth a...
  • Savon de marseille. A timely post on a versatile soap.

    I've been meaning to write this post for awile. Soap being the topic of the moment, it seemed only time to get this thing written. We got our latest shipment of savon de marseille soap into the shop almost 2 months ago and we've been answering questions in store as it finds new homes about what t...
  • New pillows.

    Sometimes you just need a fluff. I like to call it a case of the February's. I know it's March but this happened in February so let's go with it. All that inspiration out there and my living room needed a little "fluffing" A benefit of my pillow making hustle is new ones whenever the mood strikes...
  • Collection 2020 No.2: Terrain

    Last week we were able to release the second collection of the year into the shop and online. This one is named TERRAIN. Why? I don't really know other than it just had that kind of feeling. Earthy muted tones connecting to the sky and water.  Looking out on the terrain. Are you feeling it? Gener...

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