Notes by Meg


  • We painted our wood floor.

    We did it.  Oh yes we did. We painted our front hall wood floor and I am in love. Now, before we pitch fork the lady painting the wood floor, a little bit of back story to how this decision came to be. When we moved into our house we tore out the horrid broken peach tile flooring in our front h...
  • The mud DIY sweeping the home decor set.

    My goodness. When was the last time I had a DIY post on here. It's been a hot minute that's for sure. There's a story behind this DIY like any good blog post should start. First, let's review my musts for a DIY. A good DIY means it costs significantly less than the original. It does not take ye...
  • Joining the open shelf posse in the kitchen

      The fastest kitchen reno ever. Well not really but, it did come together quite quickly. I don't even think I had a chance to mention it here that it was happening. Why?  The short story. When we moved in years ago we could not afford a tile backsplash so we did a painted beadboard. It was wonde...

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This blog is written by Meg and includes tales of the renovations/ decor changes of her home and the shop she owns in Fonthill, Ontario. It goes back many years, much before the shop was born. It is like one of those stacking dolls. It started with a couple of kids buying their forever home. It snowballed into renovations, which turned into garage shows and then a store. If you are new here, welcome! We are glad you stopped by.