A simple refresh in the bedroom.

With the changing of the seasons, and sometimes besides the cleaning of the linens and washing of the windows we just need a little reset. 

Maybe a new set of clean sheets.

Maybe a new duvet cover or changing out to a "new" old one from the linen closet.

Our bedroom was all suited up for warmth and cozy for winter and needed a good buff and dust and at the same time a little fabric refresh.

Plus with everything going on, cleaning is a distraction for me.

Having my house clean allows me to forgot the pile of everything I am thinking about constantly with 2 small businesses.

So new look in the bedroom.

The below is our BEFORE.

Plaid blankets and fur pillows that made everything cozy but was time to pack them into the closet until next winter and freshen up the space.

And The AFTER.

The linen duvet on our bed is from a great shop on Etsy called Linen Me. We've had it years.

It washes wonderful, has a great weight and just keeps on going.

The pillows were refreshed to my favourite green moss linen from the store.

Our moss green that I chose that I swear can go almost anywhere.

I mean I've tried to put it everywhere.

It got paired with Apricot Blossom and Grey grainsack.

On the chair is a now a lovely kantha quilt and the Forest Mudcloth combination that also just released in the latest collection.

The chair slipcover went into the laundry and I wrangle it back on and even though it didn't look dirty, I "feel" like it looks cleaner.


The apricot blossom is such a sweet fabric and I know the pink peach tone is not for everyone, and I didn't think it was for me.

It  ended up going so well with the greens and blacks.


I took the plants in the room into the shower and gave them a really good rinse to get all the winter dust off and let them see the sunshine better.




All in all a new setup for spring.

The room is clean and ready for rest.

Talk soon everyone,


Article by Meaghan Gizuk
Tags: Meg's home

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