New pillows.

Sometimes you just need a fluff.

I like to call it a case of the February's.

I know it's March but this happened in February so let's go with it.

All that inspiration out there and my living room needed a little "fluffing"

A benefit of my pillow making hustle is new ones whenever the mood strikes.

It's hard not to adopt every style I make but many don't suit my home either.


I was feeling super neutral and eclectic.

And I guess a litte stripey.

I'm always feeling stripey if we are having that conversation though.

Whenever I am fabric hunting for the shop I am always drawn to the stripes.

All the stripes, gimme gimme. 


So Left to Right [if it's from the shop recently it will be highlighted with a link]:

1. Moss linen  2. African aso oke  3. Vintage caramel grainsack  4.old army sack pillow from my pillow closet but matches the moss linen perfectly 5. a tested and reworked indian fabric that will be showing up in the shop soon 6. French mattress ticking


The before and after above.

Our "winter" look was a little more warm and soft with the rusty velvets and Kubu cloth.



 Our living room has 2 sofas.

I'm not matchy matchy if you've followed for awhile you know this but, I always try to tie the two together

somehow whether it be in tone or similar patterns.

The maidenhair fern on the stool is in "testing".

We will be talking about it on instagram next week for our plant talk but it's the home part of our test to get the exact care for the plant that seems to die for everyone.

We are so close to nailing the care of this plant and hope to be able to share the results soon.



 Wintery but ready to move into spring look.

Got rid of my case of the February's and super happy with the result. Now to organize some more closets.


Have a great day everyone,


Article by Meaghan Gizuk
Tags: Meg's home

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