Spring Sandbank: Give us all the pillows

Nothing like a quarantine to decide to update the pillows, or the walls or the trim, or wash every surface imaginable.


In this case I'll try my best to help with the pillows.

Last week the third collection of the year at Oliver and Rust was released.

Albeit to a closed store but, persuing online is still a fun way to peek at them.

Like always the collection came together as a true blend of the new and the old.

Patterns and textures working together.

The gang.

This was the hardest group shot to get yet.

There were so many pillows trying to cram for space in the frame, they almost all didn't make the cut.

The moss linen has been a super popular guy in the shop.

So is the oatmeal linen.

When I decided to pair the black and oatmeal months ago it went over like gang busters so,

 now the moss and oatmeal get a turn at the couch.

A bunch of the new buddies in the shop right now all hanging together on the big shelf.


Some great and rarely seen super wide blue grainsack

[Hyacinth Euro] and Hmong lumbar

Lake lily.

This designer fabric really grabbed my attention.

It is a lovey shade of green with the faintest blush tone but,

the pattern is just a modern simple "floral" that suits the seasons to come.


Thanks for checking in everyone.

Enjoy your day,

Article by Meaghan Gizuk

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