About Us


Welcome to Oliver and Rust

We are so glad you could join us.

We have been in Fonthill since 2015 and grew from humble beginnings out of vintage shows in Meg’s garage.

Meaghan (Meg) Gizuk left a career in dental hygiene in the dust and started the store on a wish and a prayer (like so many businesses) to the vintage inspired paradise of plants it is today.

What started by watching a movie (Julie & Julia), turned into a blog (then called MT- Tails), turned into an adventure of owning a retail store and never looking back.

The store focuses heavily on the colour green [you’ll notice] in all forms. We revel in the plants, hunt the great planters, and the vintage accessories you crave from near and far.

Whether you’re out to make your home the perfect minimalist beauty or the maximalist castle of eccentricity we might just have the piece for that.

Meg hunts and hunts (almost daily) attempting to find the best pieces of vintage and or new items to bring into the shop and make your home your version of unique.

Yes, the store is fully an extension of Meg’s home and you may even catch glimpses of it on our social media channels.

All the pillows are made in house with meticulous care. Most of the fabrics are prewashed and preshrunk so that they are ready for everything your life has to throw at them.

We test and make careful recommendations on how best to care for your pillows and pieces so that you can have them for a long time. From washing fabrics, to running glasses through the dishwasher, to trying to melt the gold off of serving spoons to prove they can be more than hand wash. ( If we say dryclean or hand wash we really mean it, it’s been tested)

We hope you enjoy your visit and if your style is like our style, we can be friends forever.

Our Team

Meg Gizuk {owner} - display executor, vintage picker, seamstress, social media advertising wannabe, bookkeeper, finder of the things, attempting daily business masterminding

Jill Letourneau {manager} - in store pillow helping specialist, gift recommender, plant wrangler, not Meg’s sister, professional pillow cutter, Diet Pepsi addict

Emma S - online listing executive sales associate, shipment packing guru, inventory master, resident cat lover

Little Emma (Meg’s daughter) junior sales associate, troublemaking staple and tape consumer, scarer of workplace employees, picture maker