Savon de marseille. A timely post on a versatile soap.

I've been meaning to write this post for awile.

Soap being the topic of the moment, it seemed only time to get this thing written.

We got our latest shipment of savon de marseille soap into the shop almost 2 months ago and we've been answering questions in store as it finds new homes about what to do with it and the best uses. I've done little bit on instagram stories but thought to put down in hard copy how amazing this soap really is. Especially now that we are shopping a little more through our screens than before or reading interesting bits to fill our time. 

The savon de marseille we have in store and online [found here] is a monster 600g cube.

Let's just say it will last you awhile.

It is made in the traditional manner with 72% olive oil, no palm oil and has that lovely deep green colour.

As there are no dyes or fragrances added the smell is that of olive oil and over time the colour can change slightly.

Is that why I love it, just because it is green?

There is a distinct possibility that this is true.


Alright, so now what is the fuss about.

Use #1

Let's just be blunt and say the first use is DECOR.

Yup easy as that.

Plop that baby down, never use it and just look at it's fabulousness beside the sink or in the apothecary shelving of your bathroom.


More ACTUAL uses:

Homemade laundry soap

Grate approx. 1 cup of your soap cube and melt it in 4 litres/ 1 gallon of hot water. Allow it to cool a little bit and add 1/2 cup baking soda as well as 1/2 cup of white vinegar.

Mix them well and once you get a milky liquid, pour into an empty container like your previous laundry container. Shake well before each use to stir it all together again. Baking soda and vinegar are optional in this recipe.

The first will soften the water and fight odors while vinegar acts as a fabric softener.

We actually do not use fabric softener in our house anymore and haven't for years. I switched to vinegar which is way cheaper load to load, works just as well and doesn't have that insanely strong softener smell.

The soap works particularly well for handwashing laundry. It's a gentle soap that doesn't beat up those delicate fabrics like wool. 

Stain remover

Still a laundry use and works for light stains. Try wetting the area first and massaging some soap into the stained area.

Makeup brush cleaner

I really like this one. Get your soap wet or hold under a light stream of water. Gently circle your makeup brushes on the soap to get them a bit sudsy, and massage the soap out under the water. The brushes get clean, have a light olive oil scent to them and no need to buy additional supplies.

Plant insecticide

Dissolve some grated soap into water, shake to mix well. Spray on the plant lightly and within 3 treatments your bug situation specifically aphids should be resolved.

I haven't tested the soil treatment but I have read numerous articles about grating a small amount onto your soil prior to watering. The soil gradually soaks in to the soil and helps rid it of bugs that may be invading.

Like moth balls and mice I suppose.

Leather cleaner

Soak a cloth in diluted water and soap bath. Squeeze it out and use it to buff up your leather products even shoes.

Always test on your item in an inconspicuous spot of course. 

One giant block of soap.

So many things to use it for not to mention the normal things like your personal use of soap in the shower.

Have a great day everyone,





Article by Meaghan Gizuk

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