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  • When cleaning becomes rearranging and... still on team open shelves.

    It's inevitable for the home decor set that when you start to clean something, rearranging mild or severe becomes a part of the equation. All I wanted to do was clean my open shelving in our kitchen. I fully wipe down the shelves a few times a year and just generally "degrease" everything. It'...
  • Summer patio living' at Oliver and Rust house

    It is summer and the living is full of shovels this year.  We have been mentally preparing and saving for the plan for our backyard for plus 10 years and solidly working on bringing around the plan for the last 4. All good things come to those with back pain and patience right? We thoroughly ...
  • The mud DIY sweeping the home decor set.

    My goodness. When was the last time I had a DIY post on here. It's been a hot minute that's for sure. There's a story behind this DIY like any good blog post should start. First, let's review my musts for a DIY. A good DIY means it costs significantly less than the original. It does not take ye...
  • March Madness and thoughts on removing the sentamentality of home.

    We aren't talking basketball here. It happens every March as the calendar flips to March 1. My restlessness with preparing my thoughts for moving into our outdoor space at home start revving up. My finished-ness with being cooped up inside and a whole mess of new product arriving to start the nex...
  • A Summer Living Tour at Home

    An alternate title to the this post could 100% of have been, That plant is too big for that table.But you know what?I don't much care.Because that vintage pot and that Cast iron plant look sexy together and we don't sit in here much at this time of year so I left it once I figured out they fit to...
  • A bigger girl room

    It's been awhile in the making.

    Our little girl got a little bit bigger when she graduated from a crib to a big girl bed in December. 

    At the time in the midst of her birthday and Christmas it was really all we did.

    We found a mattress and a frame and plopped it in.

    It gave me time to think about how she uses the room as her little three year old self and how she'll use it for the next couple years.

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