Who says you can't find great antiques at Nascar?

Well so I'm sure that's about every man at Nascar but not my husband. Our love for the thrill of the hunt runs deep.

We spent last weekend with friends at the Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, MI and had a blast attending out first live Nascar race. A lot different than seeing on television. There is just no way to describe how loud it actually is at a large track like that. We are not motorsport newbies but I was in awe of the size and volume.

And after the race was over and we were all packed up to go home, we ignored the GPS lady and headed in a previously researched direction to Allen, MI and discovered a hoard of places to go junkin'. 

We came home on the Monday and so all of the places looked abandoned which was just fine with us so we whispered our way through the aisles and came home with some goodies. Trev always makes fun of me whispering in these places but, some of them have no noise or music and are so quiet I guess I go into library mode. Plus, I don't want anyone to know what I'm thinking or horrors if I casually open my mouth to say a price is ridiculous or don't like something I don't want to offend the person that does like it or sells the item. Just because it's my opinion, I don't need to slaughter someone with it.

Here is what we came home with and before you hit the email button let me tell you, the giant sized brass reindeer MINE! 

Also not for sale are the full bore oil can (Trevor's pick) and the large stone pitcher on the ground

the ironstone sugar bowl on the left is already in the shop, along with the green scale seen below

this little fan had such great patina, it just had to come home with me. what an awesome display piece

so this is the jug i am keeping. it isn't ironstone but stoneware. i have seen these retail from 160-200 dollars for this size and condition. it will be going on my still undecided shelf.

All of these lovely things have been split into show or etsy stock but if you are dying to give something other than my deer a home, just shoot me an email with the contact button and we'll see what we can do.

So ladies I tell you, antiquing and nascar! Everyone wins!

Have a great weekend all,


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