Perfect Grey meets brass for feminine chic

Hello all,

I seem to be getting my paint streak back on and I have actually hit a run of finally finding some solid end tables. Most of the time I find wobbly veneer crud with no style pre-paint so spending my time painting them won't wave a harry potter wand and make them magical for anyone's space.

Today's pieces are a lovely set of french provincial tables done in my custom mix #anniesloan perfect grey.

This grey has made appearances on this dresser as well.

They have a sophisticated look now and read as classic and/or feminine.

i added subtle distressing for some age

i added a bit of grecian gold #rubnbuff on the handles to brighten them up a bit


I have also added some new items to the etsy shop again last night and over the last week including the items below. That antique sewing drawer makes an amazing vignette.

The grey set is for sale now for anyone local to the Niagara Region and will also be posted on facebook before going on Kijiji. I have too many sets to keep them all for the show so if you are interested, please email me at [email protected].

Have a great Thursday all,


miss mustard seed
savvy southern style

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