Ok I went back in the house……..

Well the long and the short of it is, Oliver and Rust is growing and I run the etsy shop and all of my sewing operations out of my office but, I was starting to run out of organizable space for my shipping supplies, pillow covers and etsy stock. I was finding myself starting to jam items under the dresser and into the closet.

I had my darling husband remove the door to the room as I don't ever use it and it was taking up some valuable space. I found this secretary cabinet on Kijiji in a yikes shade of red and applied some love and made it white with a grey interior.
I used a few coats of my #kilz primer and then #generalfinishes antique white. I used my #anniesloan perfect grey mix inside.

I actually like the hardware that was on it but 1 of the handles was missing so I purchased some new old brass ones from #leevalleytools.

the cabinet on the left i found awhile back and if you flip through the "office" label in the sidebar you will see when its first appearance was. all of the pillow covers awaiting their turn at the sewing machine are in the shelves and the drawers hold all my threads and serging materials. i am now using the top with my paper roller for wrapping boxes instead of on top of my sewing machine.

i made a little vignette as i tend to do out of the display part of the cabinet with many items for sale, and some of my fancy shipping/craft supplies

we'll  speak about this a bit in the next week or so as i transition but i am putting out yet another watermark here. another longish story but, my logo that i have been working on and tweaking for the last year or so was many layers and some things were getting mashed in external printing processes and my brain hurts when things i cannot control keep getting screwed up so, i made another one. 2 actually, watermark and logo. like i said we'll talk about it later but i'm really liking the classic elegance of this one.

my shipping station right beside the wrapping station. working out great for the orders coming in so far. 

The Before of this cabinet….

I also did not stop there in the room because my brain started whirring and the ideas were coming out. I think I just needed to be creative in my own space for a bit instead of thinking how pieces will work in others spaces.

I will also have some dates and times for the next show this week for all you locals as it is Labour Day this weekend. Where the hell did that come from? 

Have a great day everyone,


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