WE MADE IT! Reopening at Oliver and Rust

The longest 2 months almost to the day for me have come to an end.
Well Wednesday is the end.
This has been an epic rollercoaster filled with every emotion under the sun.
The support that has come in for this store from so many of you has been overwhelming and so appreciated that words just won't convey it properly.
This whole fiasco has been no joke. It is still no joke for so many.
I am thanking the stars every day this didn't happen while I was a baby business, and that the internet exists.
Now, we are moving on.  
The store will reopen with new hours on Wednesday May 20.
Delivery, curbside pickup and shipping all will continue. 
Questions about these can mostly be answered in the FAQ at the bottom of this website.
I try my best to keep everything as up to date as possible but if there are any additional questions you can always call the shop or email.
The store will no longer be able to be open 6 or even 7 days a week as we need to be able to offer delivery, shipping as well as all the other things that go into this shop. The photos, the sewing, the plants, the paperwork that never ends..... and unpacking all the great new stuff of course.
Now that all these bits are out of the way, the shop is looking pretty snazzy.
So let's take a peek.
Loads of new product has come in, loads more to come. The jungle is growing.
Also in case you were concerned or just for informational purposes,
we are going to work our literal butts off to try to keep so much more of the store online.
There will always be more in store and product will hit the store before it hits online but I have schedules.
I love me a schedule [just ask my husband and Jill]
This website will be stocked.
Twice weekly with new stuff, and more in time with things coming in.
We are aiming for 15-20 items per week. Plus the Sale section will keep getting new items as well.
Our annual parking lot party extravaganza has obviously been sacked this year so,
some of that product will end up in the sale section as we go.
If you participate in Thurday Favs on instagram, all the items being loved on in the shop will also be online so you don't have to worry about someone snagging it in store first.
Now you just have to worry about the fast fingered person on their cell phone.
That's it for me today.
Back to editing photos as there just might be a really great new pillow collection showing up this week.
Talk soon all,
Article by Meaghan Gizuk
Tags: Store tour

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