A slo mo shop tour at Oliver and Rust

This post is for all my "go slower" friends.

It was high time I did a shop tour on here again and this one is going to be picture intense.

Loads of photos for perusal to help with the wonderful screen shopping we are all doing.

Please note a few things:

1. Inquiries can be sent to [email protected] if you don't see something in the online shop. This small store houses a lot of product and while I am still constantly adding to the online store, I will likely still not make it through everyting once this is over.

2. As things sell, certain items may not be available until after the quarantines are over as many wholesalers are also closed.

3. Almost everything can be shipped [Canada & USA] unless it is massive or super heavy and then often times the shipping outweighs the cost of the item.

4.Shipping over $150.00 in product is free in Canada. Some exceptions apply and it will say that in the listings if it is already listed.

5. Thank you. Thank you for supporting this store, liking posts, commenting on social media and for every purchase big or small.

Let's wander.






















Have a great day everyone,

Article by Meaghan Gizuk
Tags: Store tour

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