WE ARE OPEN: Oliver and Rust gets online

It's been a long haul and honestly I will be doing a whole "for your information" post in the future for all the other retailers out there that follow along with me and are sending me DM and emails about getting an online store up and running.

However, as of Wednesday it is official and I couldn't be happier to annouce that the Oliver and Rust shop that we have been alluding to and promising is finally live and open for business.

So many goodies and of course tons of pillows for everyone following along since my Etsy shop years ago.

Hit the shop button at the top of the page to persuse something you may not be able to live without.


And if that just isn't exciting enough. If you follow along on instagram @oliverandrust, I have a fantastic giveaway going on to get your hands on some spending money whether you are an online follower or a local follower.

Talk soon everyone,




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