The Luck of the Irish

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the absenteeism but you didn't really notice because it's spring early around here and everyone including me is flying high on not needing twenty layers of scarves to get out the door only to get to your destination and try to peel them all off because someone turned the furnace up to a gazillion degrees. Is that only me?

I froze poor Jill out of the shop all winter because I hate that so much. Saves on the heating bill, keeps the penguins and polar bears semi-safe and keeps customers from sweatin' to the oldies.

Well so as luck would have it we in southern Ontario had the luck of the irish this winter with our minimal snow and minimal cold. I love winter and always enjoy a good walk in the snow but I think I will just say a nice silent thank you to mother nature this year as for a first winter in business a pile of snow could have been detrimental to say the least.

Now that we don't need to send plants out of the shop in giant sized plastic wind tunnels with 15 wind shields I am starting to bring more varieties in and enacting my ideas for all the planters and introductions I have had planned for awhile.

Today's plant is not new on the scene, it isn't even particularly splendid but it is simple and just looks great in so many containers that with St. Patricks Day coming up I thought I would share some of my photos and inspiration pics from  the giant pinterest for a pre weekend pick me up.

The oxalis plant, or SHAMROCK.


i love the gentle look of the shamrock in terra cotta. i have had this image saved in multiple boards and am going to grow mine gently to mirror this one.


and even the purple ones look just a little bit fairy like

Oxalis plants are super easy to care for.

The purple ones can handle a little bit lower light areas but the green ones like medium to bright light. They aren't overly concerned with humidity and like a good drink of water once the top of the soil starts to dry out.

It is a quick grower when space allows (which is why in the outdoors many consider it a weed) and can be easily divided into smaller plants if you choose.

shameless planter plug as well. that handmade looking beauty in white and natural just arrived this week along with quite a few others that i am smitten with.

planter hoarder is being added to my long list of qualities.

Well have a great weekend everyone,

Anyone leaving on March break vacation please know I am silently hating you until I can go and then we can swap stories.


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