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I can hardly believe we are standing on the threshold of April already this year. Easter weekend is upon us and the rabbits are a hopping. Outside, inside, all over the place. I had time this week to take some photos of our spring house so will share in the coming days.

Today I would like to share some of my favourites for the month of March in the shop. It was really hard to choose this month as there is so much new coming in almost daily right now for the spring season. I don't typically pick vintage favourites as there is a "one only" kind of thing happening and although I consider myself pretty lucky in finding good vintage it goes faster than I find myself having time to hunt it so by the time I take a photo it has likely found a new home.

It's interesting to me as new people find the store and aren't into the pinterest/blog thing. They likely won't read this but we have found quite a few people who don't understand the "real" vintage thing. They are unconvinced of the actual nature of the found objects or don't understand wanting anothers junk. 

We vintage bloggers live to junk and sometimes forget not everyone wants to have anothers left behind treasures in their home. They don't want to recycle, they want new.

I myself love the combination hence the style of the shop.

What's your style?

This months favourites.

The newly hung hanging garden.

The shop has a drop ceiling and it makes it a bit difficult to hang things all willy nilly from the ceiling so after a few months of yakking about it and having Trevor listen to my plan we finally pulled it off one night 2 weeks ago.

It sold out the first weekend but we have gotten a good handle of having a few spares made and I love the look and height it gives in the front of the shop.

 the hanging garden is to the right of this photo but it also shows the new "old" white metal shelves we found that allow us much more space for organized planters and plants.

Favourite plant of the month:


striking green and white leaves with a lovely pink flower.

easy to care for and modern in appearance


wood slice look ceramic

looks like a slice of wood but with all the water tightness of ceramic. perfect for ferns 


vegan natural soap

I love bringing more local into the shop. This soap is made in Niagara Falls and smells and works great. Trevor and I have become a bit of essential oil junkies since October after attending an informal information setting. We went into it eyes open and have since reaped the benefits least of which is sleeping better. These soaps just remind me of the great smells of our diffuser and I love knowing the products we carry are made with love and knowledge but not run solely by the budget that cuts corners.


simple, lovely

and lastly this month's pillow combinations:

the first is a neutral snake cotton paired with a black ticking

the second is a spring blue botanical print paired with hemp linen

That's it for today everyone,


What I'm listening to:

Ghetto Walkin'- Miles Davis, Robert Glasper

In a Sentimental Mood- John Coltrane

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