Picking it up & putting it down... the paintbrush that is.

****late addition: the window that is shown in my furniture posts is unfortunately not for sale. after a few people have called and messaged i figured i should add that in here.***

It's been forever since I've shared a good before and after post here on the blog.

My poor furniture followers have probably jumped ship in all the store and home posts.

In between all the other shop fun, sewing and life of snow we are back in the middle of I got a burr in my shoe about finally getting back in the saddle of painting. It isn't and likely never will be the main part of the shop but, it is still something I really enjoy doing when time allows. I have a few custom pieces next in the hopper but this china cabinet has been sitting in our garage waiting for its turn at the brush.

As I said I have had this cabinet for awhile so I had a lot of back and forth about what colours to do it and because I don't get a ton of my own pieces to do anymore it was fun choosing. The size of this cabinet lends to being in a bathroom or even a bedroom rather than as a full scale dining cabinet so I wanted it to generally appear earthy and natural.

I went with my favourite paint General Finishes in Queenstown Gray and the interior was done in Seagull Gray.

It looks like a nice steel grey with a slight blue undertone with a pale grey inside.

I changed the hardware out to branch slice style ivory knobs on the lowers and bone pulls on the doors to compliment

and of course added some styling items. i only have the 1 teapot at home right now so made trev go clean it out while i was trying to style this the other night. oh life of being a blogging shop husband.

the inside of the doors are painted to match the interior so if someone wants to leave the door open for some reason it still looks good.


For anyone local interested.

This cabinet measures

67"h x 31.25"w x 14"d

It is 425.00 hardware included but not any of the staging items.

Have a great day everyone,


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