Summer at Home

 Good morning everyone,

I finally got around to getting a little main floor summer tour done for here. I find that between the shop, life and other business things plus having to pick up the kiddo toys, I just don't take as many house photos anymore. Not that I don't still do the decorating [as it's my reprieve and calming thing when I have other things on my mind] but I just don't always bust the camera out in the house anymore.

This summer I went with a really light colour palette for a calming look. Our pillows and sofas are all in the white and blue tones and pull the blue out of the rug on the floor.

 Table arrangement on this table is just one giant terrarium. Emma loves playing with the fronds of this plant [plumosa fern] when she runs around the table.

Most of the pillows on the sofa are from the shop.

 Our summer mantel. Of course the permament tigers { Niagara on the Lake artist; Edward Spera } but shells, glass and vintage to finish out the look.

The denim blue pillow on the right of this sofa is apart of our new summer collection releasing tomorrow  but,  it did get listed early. [available here]

Pillows are very neutral and calming in the living room this summer before the riot of deep tones of fall. I'm so enjoying the simpler space as we live our life indoors and out right now.

 The area beside our stairway. That big trunk is from Ikea years ago [I just hacked off the fake buckle they had on it] and stores our tv watching blankets. The wood float on the railing is a vintage find and the left hand black stripe farmhouse pillow is available from the shop or here

 My porcelain bird collection. It's getting flocking large. Oh boy, pulling out the bad puns.

I pull this collection out every spring and summer and group it all together for impact. Sure, it's probably a bit cluttered but the collection makes me happy and Emma loves all the colours so here it stays.

Our front hall. A lot of the plants that live in our front hall have moved outdoors for the summer so the maintenance inside goes down. I just plopped a boxwood ball on a terra cotta pot on the island for that hit of green that requires no watering.

And into the dining room. This room has the least amount of stuff in it ever. I mean I almost don't know who I am in here. I took most of the layers off the dining room buffet and just simplified down to 3 things. My huge stag horn fern in the ironstone bowl, a resin piece of coral and my reclaimed ammunition can holding a muehlenbeckia plant. This can is now decorative but as reclaimed states it was a canister that held ammo in the middle east. These canisters although a symbol of conflict are purchased by companies for us to use instead of having them waste away in landfills, and the money helps the families selling them. War is an unfortunate part of our life now and in the past which hopefully we are all learning from in different ways but learning nonetheless. I love the look of this canister and I also like the history that goes with it. 

The center of the table just holds an antique dough bowl filled to the brim with Japanese fishing floats.

Thanks for stopping by today. 

We are working on a great pillow collection release for tomorrow. So if you happen to be a pillow hoarder, you may want to check it out tomorrow.

Have a great day everyone,

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