SERIES: the hard to buy for, WHITE LOVER

More gift giving today everyone.

The eternal white lover person. There is that one person in many of our lives that doesn't enjoy colour. Many people find white spaces to be calming. 

Or they like specific colours and you really aren't sure how to fit that in. 

I myself am not necessarily a pure white only in the home lover but I'm definitely pretty specific about what colours I like ( so that makes it a little more difficult for some people. A lot of people find neutral spaces restful and since it is their home and you want them to enjoy receiving the gift you lovingly picked out, here's a few ideas.

Miss the ideas for the Decorista? Or the Vintage Lover?

A little list of white items to help you keep getting at that list.

left to right

a]a white tree farm. b]classic glass taper holders c] white candlesticks c] white ceramic fox d] mercury glass votive older e] white scandinavian tree decoration f] canadian made coal and canary candle g] dishwasher microwave safe white or ivory mug set h] cotton branches i] yarn ornaments and decor

these candles are canadian made and feature a wood wick. so it's like giving a little fireplace of the best smells of the season. fresh baking and a fireplace. add coffee and enjoy

this gorgeous ceramic fox just made an appearance in our nursery yesterday but satisfies the white lover, the quirky person, the woodland lover, modern types. so many spots. the texture on the outside is great and it's a simple sleek looking fox without being too kiddish

adding to someone else's christmas decor can be stressful. simple white trees can snug into many places and in multiples make a splendid gift but one tree added to a bottle of wine or even something as simple as a tea towel makes a perfect gift.

maybe your white lover is also a plant lover. birch pots are excellent this time of year as they look festive but can translate to winter and then even summery cottage later on. fill with favourite seasonal plants and voila.

Other simple ideas for the white lover:

white fur pillow

white blanket knit or fur

white poinsettia plant

white ironstone or ceramic pitcher for flowers

white serving tray collection

Have a great day everyone,


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