...and then there were 3. THE NURSERY

The day has finally come where  I got a chance to get the photos of our nursery all finished.

I have never had so many people ask to see a room in our house as this one. Kind of makes me laugh. It's the baby phenomenon!

I am beyond thrilled with how everything turned out. It's not like you really decorate a nursery for the baby as what do they care but it's just a great experience to make a room comfortable for you to spend a lot of time in and bond with the extraordinary human you just brought into the world.

We had to wait a little bit of extra time for that rug to make an appearance as the first one I ordered pulled a no show so I suppose that explains the delay. 

We'll get right into the photos here. If I was a good little blogger I probably had about 4 posts to get out of this with furniture redo's, blinds etc but let's just say I have been a little crunched for time with life, Christmas, pregnancy and having a wonderful little shop to run during the holidays. You'll all forgive today's long post though right?

this room sits directly across from ours upstairs and has never been shared here on the blog as it was exclusively a "pet" room prior to this. it isn't a massive room but location and setup wise it is perfect.

BEFORE! a grass green room with a plant and pet beds.

right after we got the paint colour changed, the floors repainted white [i did this in our spare bedroom as well. the plywood subfloor is smoothed of major defects and painted a bright white. until i make a final decision for both rooms on flooring i love this as my option. i don't like doing things "for now" and really want a white style oak in these rooms but haven't found the right one yet. i love the brightness that the white floors add so this is a compromise that only costs a can of paint]

paint colour: benjamin moore gray mist 

crib: ikea hensvik

i have to tell you. i was not pregnant the first time i saw this sheep print. i carried the cell phone photo around with me for over a year and when it came time to design the room i knew that the 3 sheep in the piece would reflect Trevor, myself and our little girl perfectly. I basically designed the room around this piece and waited 8 weeks for it to be made.

woolly art: oliver and rust

antler print: vol 25 via oliver and rust

kubu basket: oliver and rust

grey tassel blanket: target a few years ago

this room was brought together with a lot of items we already had kicking around. the coat tree lived in our room for my scarves but now keeps receiving blankets handy and i did that little handy diy for my scarves that is so much better for space anyways.

most of the bears and books etc on the shelves were Trevor's and mine from being little ones ourselves that we scooped back from our parents.

i hung these 3 ceramic pods beside the window and filled one with cotton, one with one of my bears as a kid and a eucalyptus plant.

the squirrel obsession was not lost on the nursery as well.

white pods: oliver and rust

to the other side of the room.

for the inevitable long nights we need a good place to sit. this chair and stool was one i spent a lot of time in as a little girl. my parents no longer had space for it with a little remodel of their own and i have always loved it. all the artwork i had in my "storage"

the side table was a hostess gift from good friends of ours last year as a stool. i added a glass top and boom a little table the perfect height for that chair.

chair: vintage

artwork: vintage and sharon montrose

reading lamp: homesense

rug: ecarpet gallery

plants and planters: oliver and rust

the shelves. like i said are a major blend of bears, elephants and books that belonged to the 2 of us as kids. also makes a perfect perch for her essential oil diffuser, the monitor and of course a gigantic xerographica air plant. the sheep sticking our of the basket on the floor was one my grandmother made almost 25 years ago and see that pink bear on the other side. that was mine. i didn't go many places without that bear. it has seen better days but i love that i still have it for her in here.

the wallop of a dresser i refinished at 8 months pregnant. it weighs 8 million pounds of 70's wood and is almost 6 feet long. talk about storage. we had to wrangle a bit of help moving it as painting was one thing but no lifting for this mama at that point.

besides the rug the item i purchased for this room was that blind. it is made out of the same fabric i source for pillows for the shop but i just didn't have the time to make it myself.

i had the wonderful team at tonic living in toronto custom make this blind and it is stellar. their workmanship is just amazing and i couldn't be happier. i wanted something that really stood out on this wall and not just a normal blind as the room is relatively simple. drapes were also not an option because of this being the change table area.

blind: flock fabric custom made tonic living

dresser/change table: olive chalk paint annie sloan by oliver and rust

lamp: vintage, shade: restoration hardware from another lamp

bunny: snuggle bugz burlington

ceramic fox: oliver and rust


Somebody is curious?

So in closing that is the end of the nursery tour. Hope you enjoyed our eclectic space to share with our daughter.

Which brings me to our next little bit.

Emma Lee joined us on December 1, 2016 at 7:51pm at 7 lbs 9.5 oz in a whirl of fury.

I was at 41 weeks and 2 days and getting to be the caged monster trying to take it easy but not being all that good at that. To leave out all the labour details, this mama did the natural route by lack of choice. We were only at the hospital for about 5 hours and our little peanut had already made an appearance.

After the shock, the crying and excitement, listening to her first cries, my amazing husband looked at me and just said it's still December 1st.

Our little girl gets her own special day because in one more day she would have shared her birthday with her parents wedding anniversary.  To say that the man I share my life with is my best friend, support system and all around most amazing person I know is to put it so mildly I cannot even convey. We celebrated 11 years of marriage in the hospital doting on the next adventure in our life.  16 years together and we have done so many things, so many stories, so many experiences and we are beyond thrilled to take a third little person with us on them all now. To raise her and watch her become the woman she will be, will be our greatest adventure and we are overjoyed.

2 hands have become 3!

Have a great day everyone,

As always,



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