Christmas tour 2016 Oliver and Rust style.......UPSTAIRS

I swear I post this tour later and later every year. It wasn't/ isn't for lack of decorating. Trevor and I were like little elves for a few days putting up our stuff and it was fun doing it together this year as my husband was a little worried I was going to over do it this year being 8.5 months pregnant while we were doing it. I don't know where the heck he gets those ideas from........

We had done the massive change up at the shop the week before and then went at our house so it was like a Christmaka explosion for a few weeks.

You've seen the tours of the store for this year so now it's time to see what we live like at home for the holidays. People still ask all the time when they come in and I am there, "does your house look like this?" Well of course, but my home is slightly more eclectic than the store. I've said it before on various posts and tours that I have posted here, the home I share with my husband, dog Franklin, two cats Sammy and Oliver and NOW wonderful baby girl Emma is a true reflection of the life we have built. I feel and always tell people to buy, not buy and decorate the way you feel comfortable. The way you WANT to live. We are gloriously comfortable with our "stuff" with so many memories attached to most of them. Christmas is a time to enjoy being with family, watching Home Alone 2 every night; oh I'm sorry is that just my house? Making baked goods, wrapping presents and watching your twinkly lights at night.

Even though it isn't night in these photos, we would like to welcome you to our home for the season starting upstairs for today. I did a little less in the bedrooms this year as I really just wasn't sure how much time I was going to end up with between the shop and home and a new baby. I am super happy to report that Emma is being an angel and taking it very easy on her mom and dad so far. Either that or I was just so retail tired that I haven't noticed the difference.


 i really love this little tree in our upstairs hallway. it has many ornaments on it we found in new york city last year and tons of vintage goodies. the light when coming up the stairs at night is so pretty and this table vignette just makes me smile

i have put these ornaments and pinecones on our newel posts since we moved into this house. i wanted to add just a bit of greenery somehow this year and at another local open house found these really great wispy kind of short garlands. nothing fragile as someone will probably be tugging on them next year but it adds just that little bit more i was looking for.

 i'm not sure i've ever gotten the view like this of the top our hall where you can see down to the main floor but it gives you a better idea of the flow of our home

this spare bedroom got a little less holiday this year, more like winter really. 

oy though my plant collection up here looks like its getting a little bigger. i had to pull the leaf up this year to make more room for the goodies.

and in our room i brought back the red i tried out last year. the classic holiday toile pillows are ones i made for the shop. my home ones i changed up a bit by adding cream wool to the back.

our snowstorm white buddha. a fixture on this dresser that i probably won't change anytime in the near future, in the company of some vintage, a red book to tie that bit of colour in and some cypress to keep the look christmasey

Thanks for visiting us upstairs and we'll see you on the main floor next.

Have a great day everyone,




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