Plant talk: Lemon cypress

I'm 100% sure I have likely done a blog post about the care of lemon cypress trees in the past.
I am also unsure if that post is still alive in realm of this blog after all the switch overs.
I am also 100% sure I could have named this post
The anti-murder plant talk.

We in fact did call it that on instagram.
Meant in the most light hearted way because while we don't strive for it, killing plants is the "fun" as it leads to learning.
So let us begin with learning about the plant of the season.

Plant name: Goldcrest cypress
Common name: Lemon cypress

Care basics:
Light: bright light
Light side notes: These plants can also transition outside into full sun in the summer months if you defy the murder for long enough. They enjoy the light to grow properly and in their best health

Water: high water
Water side notes: Well here we go.
Also do not allow to stand in water for long periods of time (check underneath after watering and any water that hasn't been sucked up or utilized, remove)
Many types of these trees can be "dunked" if left in their plastic grower pot until the bubbles stop and you know it has gotten a sufficient amount of water. Let it stop dripping and then replace in your decorative planter.

I know this seems like easy care instructions, and frankly they are. This tree is super easy as long as you don't forget about it. It will grow and grow and look lovely as long as it doesn't dry out. This is much more important when the planter is kept in the house with furnace running. Knowing how warm you keep your home and how it affects your plants is a good note for any plant care, not just these cypress trees. The trees above are characterized by a darker green and they are called European cypress trees. They take the same care as their lemony scented friends.

This beast is my lemon cypress hanging out in our dining room over the winter months. It is about 4 feet tall at this point and started out as your average 6" growers pot plant at Christmas time. He has summered himself in our backyard for two years and I am trying to get him as tall as Trevor. We shall see who wins that battle.

Hope all of this information helps in your growth efforts but as always if you just make it to the holidays, you have done well. Plants bring fresh air and are fully compostable at the end of their cycle.

Have a great day everyone,
Article by Meaghan Gizuk
Tags: Plant Talk

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