2021, have at er. The Oliver and Rust shop for winter

Let's just pretend shall we that I didn't teach you about lemon cypress plants back in November and then desert you for the entire holiday season.
Shall we?
The curve of transition and learning to dealing with a retail store amongst a pandemic has been steep and full of incline.
A world of social media and life and store commitments took over and the holiday season went ripping by and I am quite sure it's the first year in almost 11 or so years I just didn't get around to sharing my home for the Christmas season.
It was pretty and restful and you'll have to take my word for it.
And then the Christmas season closed with a crash and the shop got locked down again.
And here we sit again.
Am I starting all my sentences with "and"? Sure and you know what, I'm going to break the grammar rules because I can.
The store got ripped down in lightning speed after Christmas and got the fresh and plant face put back on quickly. Bringing fresh and clean just felt right and of course with needing the spare time to work on the online shop, having the physical shop in tip top shape again just makes everything run more smoothly.

Welcome to Oliver and Rust the winter closed to the public edition.

She's pretty inside and misses her people but she's done this before.
She's spent the last year working out pandemic kinks and she's going to weather this storm come hell or high water if her owner has anything to say about it.
Thanks as ever for sticking around, shopping and of course helping this store and Ikeep trucking. Keep employees happy and employed, keep the plants growing and the vintage repurposed.

Much, but of course not all items in the shop are also found in the online store. Even closed, things move and change or sell over time so if you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to call or email and hopefully we can get you the perfect piece you're hunting.
Have a great day everyone,
Article by Meaghan Gizuk
Tags: Store tour

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