In a brainstorming session a little bit ago I had an idea to start a monthly post here on the blog to showcase some of the favourites in the shop.

I tend to find things and order in smaller chunks in the shop so there is always something new and for our regulars this keeps things interesting. Never too stale. 

But if you don't live here like we do it's hard to keep track of the new things coming and going as some run out the door just as fast as they come in.

So here's to the favourites for February.

5. our lovely coffee and curls knitwear

keeping your neck stylish and warm when the weather isn't cooperating.

4. plants plants but specifically snake plants

you can practically grow these in a closet they are such resilient little sculptures


and while we are looking at this photo, i am actively looking for this style of amazing pots with brass bases for the shop because i need one. it's keeping me up at night

3. caldrea body and home products.

jill is in love with the sea salt neroli and i love the basil blue sage (i've used it for years). a shop favourite seems to be the black lime coriander. the products are phthalate, paraben, DEA and sulphate free. They are made from plant derived ingredients and smell amazing. The room spray is safe for linens as well which is what I have been using it for at home. I spray my rugs and then vacuum, gives the whole room a great smell.

2. kubu rattan laundry baskets

alright so baskets could be on my favourites list all the time. even when we go antique hunting or picking i always end up with wicker baskets of some kind. these grey ones that just came in are the perfect size for use in their intended way, they also make great cat beds, blanket holders, who knows what else you can do with these beauties

1. rosy rings candle line

on the heels of my post about reusing those beauty candle containers, this line is a newbie already being well received in the shop. we have 4 fantastic fresh and earthy scents in honey tobacco, earl grey, sea salt and antique clove.

and because we mostly all love piles of pillows, new pillow covers, pillow everything.

i'll also be sharing a favourite combination of 2 that have shown up in the shop.

this month is a combination of a rusty caramel brown super soft velvet and a linen tone gorgeous botanical with birds and sewn with linen piping. this pillow can look dark or light fresh depending on the neighbouring pillow on the sofa. it's a win win for going from season to season.

Well thanks for stopping by everyone

As always,


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