Feeling like a kid for a Sunday Funday

Trevor and I just spent a fabulous weekend of work and play. Saturday was a gorgeous day that saw us out for a ride on our bike and finishing up some projects at home that we always seem to run out of time for. On Sunday we went flea marketing in the rain and then decided to do something for fun and head over the border to the Buffalo Zoo. Neither of us had been in a long time and we were itching to just forget work for a bit.

I brought my camera along and had an amazing time taking photos of all the animals and laughing at their antics.

I definitively refused to go in the reptile house in case of snake spottings so, Trev walked through on his own and confirmed my suspicions. 

I thought I would share some of my shots even though completely unrelated to decor, the animals are gorgeous, majestic and some in serious danger of extinction.

this amazingly colourful bird was racing back and forth and i love this blurred out photo of it. 

santa claus anyone?


this rhino mama and baby were just doing slow parade like laps for all the visitors and the baby rhino was having fun playing chicken with the axis deer also in that pen


the adorable posing meerkats.

Plus a few of the things that came home with us,

 a good lot of ironstone, some urn milkglass, a black egg basket, lovely leather book, a great stool not pictured and the fantastic antique gold frames below


Well I hope you enjoyed your wildlife tour and why not visit and support your local zoo for some fantastic summer entertainment. Your face will hurt from smiling so much in a good way,.

Have a great day all,


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