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I kept putting off the annual photos of our backyard space this year as I had and have planned to make a new fantastic cushion for our wicker love seat. It didn't have one when we found it and we have had simple chair cushions just jammed together for a few years. Alas, I still haven't gotten around to it and I guess that's kind of the point of "it doesn't have to be perfect to work or be beautiful".

I am going to get to the new cushion it just might be october and the palm leaves won't make sense but it will be pretty and new for next year.

So for this year in the midst of our latest heat wave, our backyard outdoor living space,

the outdoor sitting, yapping, dining space. as a side note these byholma chairs from ikea are going on their sixth or seventh year out here and they are still fantastic. in case you were looking at them in the store and wondering.

the vintage can back there by the watering can holds all franklins toys when he isn't using them.

i change up the table items every year just a smidge so it seems different. this year i used old chicken feeders as succulent planters that don't require a lot of watering. i plopped some resin coral and regular sea shells amongst the lantern and called it done. the table runner is actually a floor runner we carried in the shop (i think there may be 1 left as of this writing) and i like that the weight is heavier than a normal table runner so it doesn't fly away.

the previously mentioned love seat. looks fine, still comfy but it would be great to just have a single long cushion that i can wash if necessary as franklin tends to make this couch his bed when we are out here late at night and he can't even get any use out of the ottoman with such short legs lol.

ah, frederick the wall fern. loving life in the humidity and growing like a weed. the whole shield along the moss has grown in the last month and a half.

i didn't put a lot of flowers again on our patio this year. dead heading is fine sometimes but thank goodness this year. with the watering and deadheading i may not have enjoyed them so much. the topiaries and maidenshair ferns are just growing like weeds and look lush.

so not the most glamorous photos as you see the back of everything and the edge or our burnt grass but it has taken 7 years to get blinds for our back patio off our to do list. we wandered down to lowes on the civic holiday and got these perfect roll down shades made in australia. they roll right up to the top with a hand crank (that i really enjoyed playing with the first few days going up and down like a little kid) and roll right down to shield us and company from the heavy heat and sun that hits this patio right at dinner time until about 9.

Well thanks for stopping by everyone,

Enjoy your weekend



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