Shop Tour: Fall 2016 at Oliver and Rust ....part I

So out with the summer and in with the fall.

The temperatures are still feeling a whole lot like summer here in the Niagara Region but we can dream of the cool fall days and coffee under warm blankets.

This past week the store got its seasonal makeover of everything coming off the shelves and completely starting over with a new face.

Like getting a new lipstick you fall in love with and have to wear everyday.

I was ecstatic with the turnout that Jill and I created so I went a little camera happy and this is going to be a two part post. More shop stalking for you guys.


the arrangement area still alive and kicking. we are switching into the fall tone succulents and plants. browns and dark greens instead of the blues and purples.

some fuzzy and cute, some dark and handsome

my darling man and I moved the big spinner up to the front of the store and changed it from a knob hardware spinner to a pot and caldrea product spinner instead.

the pots and garden portion of the store are a HUGE part of our customer interest and we really needed the extra real estate for pots.

this big guy is already working out wonderfully and i love the look of it at the front of the shop

this years obsession. BROOM CORN. seriously the colour, the texture, i can't get enough of it. for my american followers that see this stuff just everywhere, broom corn is not something that is just available everywhere up here and especially in cut lengths you can use in your home. either way i am obsessed this year and am sticking it everywhere.

who doesn't wear a skirt made of leaves?

Thanks for enjoying part one of my fall shop tour

**as a side note because it happens every time i post the shop. i do not currently have an online store, look for that in the new year. i unfortunately just do not have the manpower to manage a full online retail store at this point however if something catches your eye you can certainly email me at [email protected] and jill or i can get back to you with pricing etc on an individual basis. keep in mind stock moves super fast here (yippee) so some things in photos may already be sold out**

Have a great day everyone


What I'm listening to:

On the Sly: The Bamboos

Pennies from Heaven: Frank Sinatra

Tearing me up: Bob Moses

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