A little artissimo furniture before and after

Happy Monday everyone,

Another before and after today but furniture style.

A lovely customer of mine is on a mission to one at a time fix and change all of the things that bother her about her living space. Not necessarily with new items as was the case with this table, but just slowly pick away and make the space hers. The plain simple finish of the coffee table was not making her happy and wasn't doing anything for her space. We decided on a lovely dark blue to mate with the red and blue persian rug that this table sits on top of normally.

I can't exactly get to my furniture photo wall in our garage on account of the rest of the furniture awaiting a makeover so Trevor helped me wander this table into our own living room to do a little photo shoot. Non stop lovely sun means this room is quite bright so the table looks a bit darker in the photos but trust me its a great blue.


after some heavy sanding on this factory shiny finish, i approached this table with #missmustardseedmilkpaint in #artissimo. It is still probably one of my favourite colours in her line. The richness of the blue is just perfect.

the table was finished with hemp oil (which will continue to dry and soak in over the next day or so i was excited to take the photo) and a dark wax combo with lots of on and off buffing/distressing.

Kind of loving the navy blue in our living room but since the blue really only surfaces for the summer season it would be a waste to paint a table for 3 months and then change it again.

Crazier things have happened

Have a great day everyone


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