Out of the red and into the black

Black walls. They are starting to creep up everywhere you go in blogland. Maybe not black but dark walls are definitely making a comeback again. Our basement hallway has taken a bit of beating from moving furniture in and out, shuffling stock in and out of the garage, an accidental flood from a buddha fountain that caused a ripple in the drywall and paint. 
So, it was time to paint, at least these were the excuses I used. I took down the gallery wall, filled the holes that were no longer going to be in use and then patched the giant ripple that once I started sanding peeled off the old paint like it was oil paint underneath.
Trevor came home when I was in the patching phase with a friend and he just started laughing. I rolled right over the rest of the nail holes and wall plugs for screws.

I was originally thinking of doing an emerald green down here but then was watching Genevieve's renovation on HGTV and saw her do her living room in black and the light bulb went off.
 I am truly in love with my black hallway and have been going to just sit on the rug and look at the pictures.

the hallway is now sherwin williams black magic (sure i partly picked it for the name) SW 6991.

we also had an uneven joint in our floor at the door so after about a year of looking for the right rug i finally found one from ecarpet gallery at the same time as painting the hallway. score!

trevor bought this italian advertisment for me 14 years ago and to be honest i'm not sure where i had this hung in those days but, i like that the black of the umbrellas stands out against the walls instead of the red writing in its place here. i found this old gold picture light in my stash and hung it over top to add some night time ambiance.

i generally hung the gallery wall back the way it was with the addition of some clipboards to hold the loose papers from our family.

we're still searching for an antique wood door to replace this newer one with the frosted glass but no luck so far. not having a door is not an option as it quarantines animals into other floors to eliminate some chairs they could be hiding underneath when you are trying to leave the house.

sometime this winter we would like to rip up the regular carpet on the stairs that we have found isn't holding up to our abuse from moving the stock up and down with boots on. we will be switching it up to jute like our other staircase.

i had a few of these neat prints i picked from a house in our city but sold a few of them. i kept these 2 and the black with subtle colours looks lovely again the walls.

In case you're new here this is what the hallway looked like before

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