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Good morning all,

So everyone survived the chocolate coma brought on by that little rabbit last weekend and the chaos of the grocery stores from being closed 2 days?

It's such a fun thing now getting all the emails from long time readers and new people about how much they are starting to enjoy plants from high to low maintenance.

Adding that kick of green to your home can make all the difference but also knowing your level of commitment to the green lovelies will help with your success. Buying a plant that requires a bit of daily care when you know you work 60 hours a week, are forgetful, or are self admittedly lazy will only bring upon disappointment in the end.

Today we are going to build a big and modern succulent planter.

and luckily it has no daily needs other than a lot of light.

Skill level : beginner

Cost: $$ [depending on your container and amount of succulents the cost could obviously get a bit higher]

Time: 15 min plus supply pick up


large round or square planter that suits your space but is unfussy in looks

10-20 mini succulents

cactus soil

filler such as bubble wrap


the planter i am using today is a large round galvanized container and stands about 5" high.

because i am planning on using succulents i want some drainage to make sure their feet "roots" don't stay wet and i want to save myself some soil so i stuffed the bottom with a bubble wrap sheet. you can use plastic bags, empty yogurt containers upside down, whatever works and then pile your soil right on top leaving about a 1/2 inch from the top of your planter because you need space for the gravel to settle into.

gently line up you succulents so they are nestled in tight to one another in your desired pattern, i choose a straight line knowing i wanted a more graphic look once the gravel is added.

this is also a good step to gently water your plants prior to adding the gravel. when you are using new soil from the bag it is light and fluffy so if you do the gravel and then water the fluffy will come through ruining your new white landscape.

add your gravel to fill in the spaces and use a spoon or fork to gently life the larger plants to get the stone in all areas so no soil is showing

et voila.

your new modern planter is ready for the coffee table, dining room table, wherever you like as long as it is very bright.

this planter will need water about every week and a half but every home is different so do a little finger test for dampness. when in doubt wait a few more days as succulents would much rather neglect than over watering.

Have a fantastic day everyone and enjoy the last day of March.

Time for some April flowers, or was it showers?


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