Liebester Award

Hello everyone and some great news this week. I was passed the Liebester Award from Rusty Heart Designs. I feel very honoured that my blog of OCD creativity has been noticed by so many and that someone felt I deserved this award. 

Onto the reason for this post, I love and read every comment and write back when I can but, I have to make mt-tails blog award free. I didn't know what that meant until this week and am now following that path. I blog for the love of it and for the crazy love of home decor. I do not blog as a job but, if that became an option in the future I would jump at it. I could keep changing my bathroom, or making paper birds and reveling in pinterest. I have a full-time job, an etsy store, and am beginning to take on decorating projects for others.

The many awards that are out there are lovely but take a lot of time to fulfill the requirements of. It is not fair for me to accept the award and then not pass it on because my time is otherwise taken.

Thank you again for continuing to visit. There are a lot of crazy cool projects coming up.

Comment away!


Have a great day,


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