Hubba Hubba

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

I have a lovely Valentine, that knows my slight adversion to this holiday. No bad experiences here just a weird feeling like New Years.

He suprised me last night with a beautiful orchid and the collection of Sex and the City episodes. 

the blue pot goes beautiful in our bedroom with the blue acccents


i have wanted this set for quite some time but, never splurged on this for myself. it was a wonderful thought from a wonderful best friend and carrie is talking in the background as i write this.

this might happen to be the rest of my valentine's day plans. along with vacuuming, re-potting a fig tree, and doing laundry, today is my day off from the evil world of work and i can't wait to show my hubby what i did to our stove. clean between the doors. hubba hubba!

Do you think he'll enjoy it? *laughing*

We are having a fantastic candlelit meal at home and avoiding the expensive pre-ordained menus of oysters a la something. I can't wait.

Any big plans for you?

Have a great sexy day,


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