Taking a daybreak.

Trev and I had a nice day off from reality yesterday and made a little wandering day in Toronto. We were hunting for a new light for our dining room, and think we hit the jackpot. We also found a gold mine of new stock in some of our favorite vintage stores.

A few of our finds: 


an amazing industrial tray with perfect galvanized colour. the baskets are always around but the trays seem to be harder to come by. it now corrals all the stuff on our island in our kitchen.


this vase was calling my name with its colour and it just came back into the store from being rented to a movie so it was discounted.


my mouth literally dropped when i saw this boot form. i collect shoe forms of all shapes and sizes and now mostly rare ones. i have never seen a heeled form before and with the typography. wowza!


this cute handled silver cup makes a lovely candleholder. there is so much detail in the tarnish.

Now I don't don't know about you, but I love vicariously touring other people's shopping trips and or stores. These are all cellphones pics so excuse the grainies.

First up, SMASH an industrial beaut of a store...


onto Willliams......


somehow this chair on a wall amidst all the other things just grabbed my attention.


i want a chair on a wall. hmmmm.


The Door Store....

which has a huge selection of lighting


And some randoms from around town....


how much is that doggy in the window?

Thanks for coming along.

Hope you enjoyed the trip!

Have a great day,



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