to topiary or not to topiary.

Good morning and it's Friday and earth day!

I guess I took a little beginning of April blog break here and it's time to share again.

The weather is turning from winter to spring, almost summer here so in between store and work we have been busily getting our gardens cleaned out, raking, setting up our patio again, turning the pond back into a gorgeous water feature instead of green sludge land with fish. This time of year I always get antsy to put out plants along with the cleaning but our nights are just too cold still and the fear of frost keeps the money in my wallet until the plants won't just shrivel and die. I did make up a little wicker planter with colourful pansies for our back table just to get me through though.

And continuing on with some green rambling since it is earth day. Although shouldn't every day kind of be earth day. Where we pay attention to what we throw out and where. Plant a tree, recycle, don't put your batteries in the garbage etc.

I know that's a bit of my tree hugging green thumb coming through there.

In store I just picked up a good amount of myrtle topiaries that so many people have been asking for (and they really are quite easy to care for) and eugenia topiaries for larger planters and hopefully soon to decorate our porches and patios.

There's just something about a topiary that adds that classic look to any space.

In a big white pot it looks a tich modern, a galvanized bucket more rustic traditional and in a wicker basket country chic. You choose I guess.

so here obviously you can see the size difference between the 3.5" lemon cypress topiary to the 6" eugenia. They do however look quite good together. Maybe a group of 3?

loi's topiaries are everywhere on pinterest as he has a huge collection perfectly trimmed and they mostly live in aged terracotta. just gorgeous!

one of the myrtles in store in a mossy green clay pot. you can trim these plants as much or as little as you want to keep them perfect or a little messy.

i love the wall arrangement in this room never mind all the excellent plantings that are around as well. [source]

i am pretty sure i would gasp aloud walking into a nursery that just had these sitting like this in terracotta. [source]

That's it for me here today all,

Have a great weekend,


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