Junking, picking, sorting through the gifties and just too much talking.


So I'm sitting here today in between customers staring at the pile of paperwork that needs to get done and it's making my brain hurt just looking at it.


It's one of those things you know, like going to the gym. I want to do it, I know I will feel better when it's done but baby I am going to procrastinate the shit out of this thing until I start feeling guilty and then just do it. So I came to visit and be chatty with you all instead today.

The beginning of this week started with the new stuff for the store. I was gift showing it in the big city of Toronto. I meandered around for a good 6 hours and then gave in to my screaming headache and drove home. Gift shows can be a lot of inspiration overload, sensory overload and too much lighting. They need to do this I understand but my head can't handle it. There were a few super stupendous items I found for the shop and a lot of been there let Homesense have it kind of items.

I sniffed a few too many candles and that probably didn't help my head but I am a picky smell person and only want candles I love in the shop.

Your joy with products always comes out to the customers when you truly love something.

I probably could have just put VINTAGE-PILLOWS-CANDLES-GARDEN on the sign as that seems to be what I gravitate towards and my customers as well.

I kind of feel like the odd duck at these things as there are crowds of people in certain booths and you can just hear the cha-chining of sales as piles of retailers buy their loads of stock. Some even into next spring already and I, end up loving the little booths with just a few products.

One of my little wholesalers even remembered my name as I was standing in their booth without seeing my name tag. That just makes me happy when I can love their product and share it with you guys.

There's also the inevitable pushy rep who wants to sell you anything, give you terms, get it to your door and ends up driving ME right out the door.

That's how I get with vintage sellers as well.

Right after the gift show Monday I came home, hopped in the other car and we headed out on another antiquing picking road trip that my darling man and I have become so fond of.

We drove hours away from home and about the 8th or 9th booth we walked into we ran into a pushy seller we avoid at another market. He has a very distinctive voice and as soon as we heard him both of us just looked at each other and smirked.

Now this may sound mean, don't put your judgy pants on but we have had a lot of run in's with this nice man but terrible salesperson.

Trevor and I both believe that saying hi and/or good morning to a seller, being courteous, not insulting their product no matter how beat up goes a long way to making good sales and we all end up being happy with the result.

This particular man picks on me ( I can handle it) by what I wear that I live in Taw-ron-to and I'm just going to mark his items up and make all the money. Keep in mind he is making an assumption that I am a retailer. I could be a hoarder.

Nothing he has is priced (not uncommon) and when you ask about a price he says "Well they tell me that is worth 85.00 and I could sell it on eBay for more"

Who are THEY? mythical people.


So even though I am complaining about this man here today, we now just don't bother as it is frustrating and being chased around when we walk away is irritating.

but it does give us something to laugh about afterwards.

Moving onwards we found some great stuff for the shop for now, fall and even the Christmas season.

See. pretty good pile right?

Now before we get too far down the junking trail. I have a question for you all. I am a lover like HUGE size of Chipotle Mexican Grill. I could turn into a burrito. I've mentioned this before. I love them so much I would like to own a franchise lol.

We went to the one in Buffalo before getting going and where the heck are these stools from? Anyone know? They are metal base, carmel leather and just perfect.

Me want!!!!

One of my 2 personal picks from our junking was this massive flower frog. You saw part of my collection yesterday and this baby just got added. Compared to my foot, holy hanna.

I also got a real metal Wilton cake stand not pictured. They are so hard to find and I will admit at the moment I am not parting with it.

I audibly gasped walking up to this booth. Trevor thought I stubbed my toe or something. Look at the indigo. Non textile people may have just kept walking by but, if you follow blogs, pinterest, magazines you know what this is, how expensive it can be and how hard it is to come by. Pillows, why yes I think so.

The one that got away. Trevor and I have been hunting for a jeep grill in just the right colour for our basement. Of course since our flood we aren't really at the hanging stuff on the wall stage still in the replacing the walls stage but we can dream. We have found a few over the years but never the right colour. This one was perfect but the seller was NOT really ready to part with it. He had a very high price which converted into Canadian was very very high and he already had plans for it if it didn't sell.

Oh well, you can't win them all

So that's it for today everyone. I chatted you out. Imagine what a real conversation with me is like. Tiring lol.

Have a great weekend,


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