Better late than never, collecting and living art

Good morning my friends.

If you're following along on social media you know that Trevor and I just did a whirlwind speed picking trip for the store. We got home last night and unpacked cleaned and repacked a bunch of the stuff to bring into the shop. I'll show some details and stories maybe tomorrow., maybe Monday.....

For today it's the better late than never. I didn't pull through so well with this whole blogging summer tour stuff this year and haven't shown the living room yet either. It's coming, before the pumpkins come out. The light was good the other day when I was home so I snapped some photos of the front hall.

The buddha fountain remains dismantled for the time being and the haworthia succulents are living it up by the door sidelight.

I made myself one of the stag horn ferns before taking the others to the shop. The green on the wall makes me happy. I take it down about every 5 days to water it and shoot it with some mist every other.

A portion of my flower flog collection is sitting out on the island. The rest is in the living room. I got a great huge addition to this collection on Tuesday and I'll show you in my next post.

I haven't done too many changes to our hallway crate shelves. Too many collections right? too bad I love them. The crates find themselves housing antique cameras and my weirdest collection, the urn-like table lighters. See that copper one in the back near the gold tray? It apparently came home with a collector from Havana Cuba. Neat!

Weird or not, I really think that if you love something you will find a place for it in your home. Collections generally have more oomph when they are grouped together and when you collect a lot of different things it makes it tricky to not look cluttery. To a minimalist your stuff will always be clutter, knick knacks or just obscene and there is always that person in the crowd that will ask how you have time for anything when you spend it all dusting.

Ignore the naysayers, keep it under control but display your treasured and hunted items proudly.

Enjoy your day everyone,


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