Nothing like sunflowers and contemplating the new seasons

Well good rainy afternoon.

I am pa-pa pooped today and drowning my eyes in coffee. 

I spent the last few days fighting humidity to finish up some custom work and sewing my little fingers off. As I finish up more and more of my pillow stock I get more and more excited to rip my store and home apart for the next season. This happens to me every year at home. By the end of summer I am ready for a change. More so even than the Christmas season switch over or the quest for light and bright in the spring after a long winter. There is something about fall the just inspires me. I guess it's all the natural earthy colours that come with it. As I chat with you today we'll stroll through some photos of the shop over the last week. 

Our new smelling station for our #pfcandleco line. They have screw on lids which look fantastic but in the shop with so many choices, the lids inhibit people from really getting a good sniff of each of these beauties. 

I have turned into more of a candle monster since the shop opened and find myself hoarding more than usual in my giant candle cupboard. Yes 

I have one of those. So sue me. You've seen that giant wood cupboard in our living room, yup candle hoarding heaven. All my holders, votives, tealights, tapers, you name it, it lives in there. 

Trevor thinks it's a joke, my mom rolls her eyes (although she created that monster) and everyone else I shamelessly keep the cupboard closed from. It's neat inside just, WOW kind of when you open the door.

Speaking of wow, what says late summer like a sunflower. These beauties are brightening up my day when I come in every morning.

Trevor and I had to get our butts up to Toronto on Monday to pick up a huge pillow insert order. Usually we ship them but this was a huge order ( I made 30 covers just this week so far). The building was in a good area but it looked as Trevor said like it should be condemned. You can always tell when business' are purely for wholesale, appearances don't always matter. The older woman who runs the place was trying to sell me on other sizes while we were there. Really? I got 115 inserts, you think I need more lol.

Good grief. 

We also braved the world of ikea which quite frankly is just a nut house. Monday afternoon and there is no parking to be found. Our area is lucky with 3 ideas in a 2 hour distance but the next closest one in the USA is in Cincinnati so our "local" Ikea sees people from everywhere and it is busy no matter what day or time of the day. We knew what we needed (more candles lol tealights for the store and home because seriously who can beat the price and quality of those) and shelving brackets for a project I am working on to clean up a corner of the store.

Before moving on, don't those white pots above just look handmade and wonderful. Imagine them with a mossy plant or fern spilling over the ridges.

Our cart of vintage pots was starting to look so picked over after a heavy spring and summer season so it got a refresher. Like toned planters, vintage and new, tiny medium and large to make planting up your favourite plants a cinch.

I also attacked my counter. This counter gets so much attention and every time I put a new demijohn inside it sold. Awesome but I have to take the top out of the counter when that happens, so smaller items that fit through the back doors were in order. Kind of a pre autumn, gardening with bottle theme.

Happiness inside the cabinet. 

Well have a good day everyone


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