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With all the inspiration overload we come across these days it is rare to have something smack you down with an "oh my gosh i want that right now" moment. Things come and go across our feeds, things we love even but, how many people are actually doing the things that they pin on their boards, save on their blog feeds? I make a lot of the recipes I save and some of the good ideas get tackled but some were amazing in the moment and then another idea comes across like a butterfly and we release the other one we had in the net. It's design ADD I tell you.

Well the other day I was reading one of my regular read all the time blogs and I had a smack down moment. MY style is sooo quite different from Michael's but his blog is just wonderful. I find it informative, fresh and even though he is a career blogger, I don't feel like I'm reading a work blog. You know the ones I mean. Far be it for me to take away from the success of someone but when items are accepted for a blog post, you see it worked into their decor and the next time you go back it is gone. Did they really love the item like they claimed or they bragged about it because it was free or they were paid for it. 

I want to see something you actually love and had to have that was offered to you.

Michael has a partnership with Target (love) and the items you see him bragging about actually live in his home. I love bloggers like that and that actually makes me want to shop for similar items. Not that I need help with that shopping thing.

More to the point of which I seem to be getting away from, I was reading his blog last week and he added large C7 bulbs to his mantel decor. Now he planned it out and found white wire lines and white opaque bulbs but the idea was planted.


So, it just so happened I had a spare set lying around from my trips to the Goodwill and voila, lights on my mantel.


i whipped them up there, tucked them in neat and tidy like and busted out the camera for some night time ambiance shots. i am considering doing a whole candle light blog tour of our home at night. i have a slight light and candle obsession and i think it would be neat to share. most bloggers are taking time off over the holidays but as the holidays are my time off, i actually have time to be creative with this little blog of mine, so there will still be some posting going on here.

i may have also turned my camera onto my night time tree. so twinkly and bright!

and a review of my daytime mantel no lights

with lights. although it has been almost like night here during the day lately. a helpful patient informed me that we haven't had a full day of sun since october 23 already. super. info i needed to know to cheer up so i'm passing on that little slice of happiness to you.

Well have a great one all,

Go cross something off your inspired list


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