Christmas Tour 2014: Outdoor Christmas Greetings… no snow required.

Well I made it. The Christmas markets are over, the house is long since decorated, my gifts are almost all done, just need to be wrapped and we are ready to enjoy the holiday season for the next few weeks. I will share some photos I took of our Thursday night market tomorrow. We got a huge snowglobe amount of snow but didn't deter too many of our fabulous customers.

In between dreary cloudy days and snowstorms I took some photos of our outside Christmas dressings. I didn't really do anything too crazy or different this year as I just plain loved how it turned out last year so why mess with a good thing. I am really enjoying our new green front doors with the greenery too. I love driving around at this time of year. I always take a different route home at the end of the night to see the Christmas lights that so many have put up. We have new neighbours this year and after 4 years of having a holiday-less home next door, we now have a fully decked out white light extravaganza going on. Our 2 homes look joined together in lights and it is a wonderful sight to come home to.

lots of fresh pine, hemlock, eucalyptus, magnolia and cedar with some hits of red and gold and the lime green osage oranges that my mother in law graciously scavenged for me to use in my decor and for the shows.

this little black milk can with red writing fits right in don't you think?

i leave the red blankets out on the porch all winter. they get on and off covered in snow and melt  but i picked them up for only a few dollars each at the thrift store so i'm not worried about them. i whip them in the wash after the holidays, dry them up and they get stored until next year. cheap and simple decor for a hit of colour and seeming cozyness

Well talk to you tomorrow everyone,

Have a nice day,


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