I have a couch

For the sake of decency I did not put
as the title but believe me I wanted to.
You likely follow along on social media as well which means you've heard this cry but for the sake of journaling
[I mean that is what a blog is intended to be no?]
I am documenting this couch here as well. 
Plus the point of the couch was to showcase my pillows.
Fabrics chosen.
853 steps and a pillow is born.
It never stops being satisfying. 
I guess amongst the things I hoard, fabric is likely one of them.
We all have our things.
Back to the point.
The couch.
It's a brand new lovely love seat beast of a beauty.
Name TBD.
Cause everything worth having needs a name.
At least around these parts.
Let's be fair though, Jill and I will name anything.
Plant shoppers here are often convinced their plants will live longer if you talk to them.
In this world of social media, Pinterest and blogs we all follow someone.
It's a follow along world and we are all at different levels of the game.
Some just getting going, some right smack in the middle, some at the top of their game [or looking like it anyways] and some finding their endings.
Some really just along for the ride.

The story I shared on social media goes a little like this in case you haven't read it.
It was more a letter to the other retailers out there.
I follow a ton.
A lot follow me.
A lot are looking for advice.
In case you're really new. 
I didn't don't have a road map to business.
I have a half built ship, a plane without a wing.
I flung that baby out hoping to gain wind and keep it afloat [we are mixing our metaphors here but for the sake of continuing you get where I am going with this]
I had a dream and I am a headstrong woman that doesn't like the statement
"you can't" 
You better believe you tell me I can't do something I am going to figure out a way to "can" Drives my family nuts sometimes.
I also don't have that perfectly white aesthetic that brings in the followers in droves. I appreciate it but, it isn't me.
The store is 5.5 years old right now.
Heading into Christmas number 6.
Last week I [with help from the most stupendous shop manager and new employee a girl can ask for] moved the very first NEW couch into the store [this style is also for sale in store].
There were a few hitches, like not fitting through the door, having to remove the feet but it is now in the store and looks fabulous.

Why was I so excited to share with everyone about a couch?
I mean a new couch is great but is it worth the hoopla?
It took me this long to be able to afford a couch to display all the pillows I make in the store. Something else always needed the attention or reordering priority more. Something that would sell, something that would pay the bills, something that would keep my employees going. One of my rules when we started this store was to desperately try not to use the bank to fund the store. 
A lot of time and gradual growth went into saving to get to this point.
I wanted the others out there to know it is possible.
The pretty photos, the seemingly easy looking shop running is great but there is a lot more work than anyone ever knows going into running a shop in this day and age. A lot of research, a lot of time, a lot of heartbreak but at the end of it can be the most amazing reward.
You built this.

I own a couch.
You can too.
Alright enough about the couch.
See you soon,
Article by Meaghan Gizuk

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