The Whiskey & Gin pillow collection has arrived with a side of autumn

it's my first blog post here since everything moved, so hopefully I can figure this sucker out. 
The weather has gotten cooler and it's time to flip around the house, clean after the longest March break ever and maybe treat ourselves to some new stuffed animals. Ahem..... pillows.
The Whiskey & Gin collection recently arrived in store.
Why did it get called that?
There's this new folk song that has gotten a lot of airplay in the shop recently after Jill shared it with me called  "I think you oughta try Whiskey" by Corbins Lund and Jaida Dreyer and I don't know during a studio session Jill and I just started throwing out random names for the pillows and everything was kind of landing in the booze category of this song.
What can I say?
It's been a year.

Can I get an amen?

When a new collection comes out, it also means a shop flip around.
While I didn't take a ton of photos yet as we still wait for some large fun items to arrive, I will share a few photos that you can also sneak a peek of the pillows in.
Of course this first photo has nothing to do with a pillow but more a gigantic harvest basket we are currently using as wall art.

Norah the pillow is a great medallion print on a heavy upholstery fabric that looks stellar with just about anything. She is fitting in quite nicely with all the new pots near the front of the shop. Speaking of pots, that one with the scroll detail on the base, called the Olga pot has my heart. I totally scooped one for home. It comes in a vase as well that will eventually show up here once it finds its way across the ocean.

The centre of the shop takes a turn to the metallic, moody and comfortable. New pillows are hanging out amongst vintage rugs and the return of our favourite gold etched planter. I mean I say planter but, I use the pan style empty on shelving at home because it is just so beautiful.

Pillows and candles.
Isn't that what fall is for?
The slow end of summer and the gradual change to cooler weather. That's what it's about up here in Canada anyways. Our true 4 season area. The display at the back of the store is smack full of the PF Candle line including the now lead fall favourite Spiced Pumpkin candle.

The fastest pillow to run out on this collection was the beautiful Merlot coloured Negroni Karen but it's accompaniments in the above photo left to right are :
1. Euro Bruno Stripe. 2. Negroni [sold out at time of post] 3. Carlos 4. Bruno 22"  5. Bombay Stripe

Neutral with just a little accent of colour. With all the vintage rugs, vintage pottery, and plants hanging around that little bit of colour goes a long way to making everything feel comfy this time of year.

The black and linen throw also ties everything together with just a very mild hint of contrast. Very mild. The throw is lovely and super neutral for just about anywhere.

Always stacking the pillows.
Top to Bottom:
Or now in my house always turning the pillows into tent props for Emma.
Whatever floats your boat I suppose but, while the pillows do beautify your home I/we always try to choose fabrics and materials that can live through the fun and sometimes disasters of everyday life with the best of them.

So that wasn't so bad.
The blog that is.
I'm hoping to make more appearances here but don't hold me to it.
Over the years of writing this I have gone from daily, to weekly, to occasional, to daily and back again. I enjoy keeping the memories all in one place and super happy my recent revamp team was able to keep most of it.
Some photos are missing and some pages are a little wonky but for 10 years worth of stories some were bound to go missing. I did promise a post for the other retailers with questions about some of the things I learned when building and then rebuilding this website. I shall get to that in coming weeks.
For now I leave you in the throws of fall.
Pillows, candles or whatever your comfort may be
Have a great day everyone, 
Article by Meaghan Gizuk

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