I caved for winter....

and made some hanging wall art for our upstairs hallway for our winter refresh after i removed all the christmas decor and tree.

once i started hanging them up in the shop and enjoying them there i knew i was going to lose the battle with making more for myself to enjoy at home as well.

so i did and i love it.

i kept the table decor simple on the console table and i left the red grain sack for the time being surrounded by only 2 for now mounted wall art.

we'll see how long i leave it at 2. very convenient for watering however as i just use the shower down the hall. spray them and hang them back up.

i broke off a bunch of cotton blossoms and made a tight cotton ball on the top of this crock for texture but not too much more colour as i wanted your eye to be drawn to the calligraphy brushes

and since we are close by,

a sneak at winter in the bedroom.

not too much change from christmas other than the removal of the red and simplifying with wool and grey

The winner of the Kohl's gift card from the mexican fiesta is Cara O'Connor.

If you could please email me at [email protected] to claim your prize.

Have a great day everyone


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