Back in the black

Hey hey it's friday.

Notice what I did there with that rhyme?

Yup it's the little things this morning.

Like having a hallway to walk through in our basement that doesn't showcase peach tile and a concrete wall and 2x4's.

I love renovating and fixing things up but I am not good with the in between process as I am sure many of you are the same.

So to recap for the newbies, our basement flooded last July when we were on holidays and we had to do a bit of a gut job to get things back to normal and be mould free.

In December I shared this gem

and for my insta followers you got a sneak peek of a date night in December

we clad the wall that needed to come down in a plywood shiplap of sorts.

we just bought 1 smooth size plywood from lowes, had the guy cut it into 8" strips so we didn't have to use our table saw in the snow and nailed it to the 2x4's.

i filled the nail holes with compound and then the hallway got repainted.

you can also see our flooring had been replaced at this point with a vinyl also from lowes that has the appearance of hand scraped wood.

vinyl why?

it handles any basement moisture and up and down concrete floors like a champ.

as we seem to have bad luck and have hopefully fixed any further concerns with flooding with multiple pumps, back ups for the pumps we still were not going to put any kind of laminate or hardwood down here.

our ceiling height is not great and trev is 6'4" so with the drop ceiling adding hardwood would have also meant dry core and thats almost 2 inches of more lost space height wise so,

vinyl it is. (plus can't beat the price comparably)

and now.....

our hallway is back together.

and sammy is pleased as punch about it.

the remaining bit in the hallway to complete is the stair runner. it is clean but doesn't look it. it suffered a terrible fate from the removal process and work boots stomping up and down it. i am not ready to remove it however until i find exactly what i am looking for.

not much changed decor wise with the hallway as i loved how it looked with the black and family photos. i am really loving the subtle accent of the shiplap wall though with the black.

Well that's it for part one of our basement reveal.

More to come next week

Have a fantastic weekend everyone,


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