THE NIAGARA LOCAL: foodies & shoppers unite

Getting off the decor train still a bit today as  we go in a different direction.

For my long time followers you are quite aware of my outlying foodie and wine obsessions. I love to cook, I mean really love it. Creating recipes is just about the best thing in the world next to decorating for me and when I don't have time, hunting out new restaurants in our area comes in great second. I also really love foodie movies. Just a side note there as I watched Burnt with Bradley Cooper last night and really enjoyed it.

Trevor and I work disastrously hectic schedules (of our own making) but that doesn't make it any less stressful somedays as we live our dreams of being self employed. Dinner time for us is 9pm. If we make it before that it is a good day.

Eating out is our time to reconnect, enjoy some wine or beer from the local craft breweries.

I have become a huge fan of dark beer over the last year and there is nothing like enjoying beer and wine directly from the makers. The pride and effort that goes into making these places unique and comfortable is evident everywhere you go.

I am also fortunate to have an adventurous eating husband that follows along with my hunt for new food and bevies.

We live in an amazing area for all of these things and I thought it high time I introduced you or refreshed you to one of the sources I use to find these great places.

The Niagara Local is a website written by Kyla Pennie and Vanessa Deeg.

They themselves have strived to make an in depth guide to the ins and outs of the Niagara food, drink and culture scene. 

The photography is out of this world as Kyla takes new photos and learns the ins and outs of her new camera. 

Seriously check out this burger photo for the The Guilty Burger in St. Catharines and I'm not even a huge burger girl. Melting goodness.

They have also started making maps that allow you to start a tour of Niagara including  a butter tart map 
(yes i said a butter tart map)

maps to all the farmers markets, culinary tours and my favourite a local craft beer tour found under the tour tab on their website.

 silversmith brewery in virgil

the good earth in beamsville. an excellent escape for a lovely lunch and the scenery is quite delightful as well. trevor and i usually go here for our birthday lunch every year.

There are bits from their travels including inns like the Mad Maple inn


a new addition to the site is the SHOP LOCAL phenom that, yup you guessed it
Oliver and Rust features a part in.

The ladies were here last weekend for a few hours and were causing quite a stir of excitement taking photos in the shop and moving some of our great new finds around including me.

So on these weekends of winter when you don't feel like throwing a mad mexican fiesta then maybe scope out a new goodie that you might fall in love with to add to your old standby's.

Have a great weekend everyone,


ps- i'm glad some of you that follow along on Facebook took my dancing video seriously as there have been a few bust a move instances in the last few days. I LOVE IT!
YOLO [ do people still say that? always behind i tell ya]

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