Grand Opening Shouts!!!

It's time to be doing a little announcing here on this blog.

We are so suspiciously close to being ready and it's starting to look like this store thing may just work. Our signs went up last week and already people have been looking us up, calling the store and Facebook-ing me to see who we are and when we're open.


Where are you?
When are you open?

In answer to your questions, please see flyer above.
Many of you had a good time guessing where we were and once the signs went up that made it just a bit easier.

What will you have?
Are your prices going up?

We have gone to gift shows, picked through barns to bring the best of the best to this area and to you.
Everything that you have grown to love about Oliver and Rust from the shows will continue. We are still going to be offering vintage crusty and rusty goodies. We are still searching constantly for great finds that we love to find in our homes. There will still be pillows in amazing fabrics. More so now that I will be dedicating my time to making them and there will be some for the price savvy plus some designer fabrics to add pizzazz to your furniture.

I am definitely going to try to keep the prices within reason and in the realms of what you have grown to know. I never and do not ever (a little Dr. Seuss sounding) plan to be a Restoration Hardware type store that you walk through, love what you see but cannot afford anything in the store. I want my store to be a place for everything, new homeowners and avid collectors alike to be able to scoop up something great.
My taste is not for everyone and I know there will be that person that walks through asking why there is so much rusty garbage on my shelves but those who get it, will get it!

we are also now adding in the home decor angle. The lines of candles you only see in stores in Toronto, the amazing pieces that speak to you and make your home yours. We are also carrying plants to add to your space because what green or black thumb can't admit that a small plant adds life to a space. In other words we are dedicated to being a full 
service interiors store whether you are shopping for a simple hostess gift of elegant napkins or to that perfect piece to complete your room. We will be bringing in fresh product old and new as constantly as we can. Some will be arriving after our opening (like most of those aforementioned candles) so be sure to check back often.


Enough babbling already so now the details:

We are located at 

137 Highway 20 in Fonthill.
We are in the same building as the Fonthill Animal Hospital. We have plenty of parking for regular days but I am thinking our opening weekend may be slightly busy (here's hoping) but there is a large parking lot where the chip truck is right next door.

After Easter weekend we will be commencing regular store hours. Well a "new" regular for working people. I am never able to go to many stores as their hours are 10-4 and I always worked until 630. So here's hoping this helps some other late working soul.

Well everyone have a great day, I need to get back to work.

I will be sharing photos of our space once completed, the bathroom reno and I have a few furniture redos in pocket to share. This blog will be returning to a normal schedule finally as we settle into our new routines and life.

Thanks for your understanding while we went through this amazing change.

As always,


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