A Coastal Blue beauty

How about that, April 1 and my first furniture redo of the year. I found this dresser quite awhile ago and had it sitting under the mountain that was stock for the store. At one point we were working on body surfing methods to get to the other workbench so the refinishing kind of got put on hold this winter.

When we finally started moving out to the store I was able to finish up a few pieces to bring in. Painted furniture is still my jam, just not the biggest part. Not even the second biggest part but I love to do it and still want to offer lovely pieces to other people.

this piece was finished in coastal blue general finishes milk paint with 1 coat of high performance poly in flat and 1 coat of dark wax for tone on top.

hard finish and wax aging.

now i don't generally use poly on my pieces as i am always looking for the super matte finish. like so matte that you can't tell it's there. i have been however been looking for a finish that where needed, can be more durable but still flat.

general finishes has a flat poly that they were kind enough to let me try out.

it definitely gave the more heavy duty finish as my usual after top coat distressing was much more difficult and was flatter than the satin for sure but still wasn't as flat as i would have liked. you can see in the photo above that there is a sheen.

i dark waxed the  dresser afterwards and it gives more depth to the finish.


now i will admit that the next time i use this amazing blue i won't photograph it in front of my steel wall. the wall is quite gray but looks very blue with this dresser and makes the dresser look a bit more blue than it is in real life.

but time has been of the essence and i photographed this one and loaded it onto the truck and didn't try it somewhere else.

forgive me.

Have a good day everyone,


Ooh and Happy April Fools Day!

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