Update on THE STORE

A little update on the store for all who want to know.
We have been tirelessly working on bringing my vision to life and my husband has truly been a knight in shining armour. He has suffered through my angst at things not going to plan and the shrieking (yup there has been some in our sleep drawn state) all while we've been working days and then working nights at the shop. 

So where we're at. Truthfully the store is half set up with stock but the pictures below were taken about a week or so ago.
The walls and floors have been coated in white. I probably could have just gone in there with a spray gun and coated everything but we choose the roller option. My mom helped me do the initial painting on the floor and it got finished up a few days later but we needed to stay out of there for a week so it cured properly. My dad, and brother helped us paint the walls. It took all of us a whole day to get the thing painted but oh the dusty rose walls are gone. If you forget where we started check this out.

Trevor and I built a mini wall that I turned into a chalkboard with lighting (big plans for that). I added a curtain for a little separation from the stock room.

We were prepping to build shelving so half the floor was covered in a drop sheet.

And for those of you that follow along on instagram know that we went to Ikea a week and a half ago. We decided to hack a giant cupboard for behind my counter and this is the beginning stage. We had a mental brain fart remembering how to do crown moulding as it had been awhile and that 3 piece of crown moulding took us about 3 hours.

A little glimpse at the mess that was a week ago. The counter to the right of the photo is an 11.5 foot antique counter we picked up in a U-Haul on one of the coldest days. It was an interesting experience getting that thing transferred.

Lots more to share and hopefully will carve out some time to do it.
We are getting our phone line setup tomorrow and hopefully our signs will get put up.

I have been having fun watching people guess what building we are in so I am going to keep the suspense for 1 more day. Start looking for signs on Thursday and see if you were right. I'll add the address to my Facebook page this weekend and plans for opening weekend and when it's time TO SHOP TILL YOU DROP.

Today finishes my life in the "normal" working world and I have to say I am ecstatic!

Have a great day everyone,


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