Fall shop tour

Whoa, two days in a row with the blog.

Give me an award.

I kid.

Maybe not.

It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and that means turkey day on Sunday and Monday depending on which day you're entertaining or doing the belt unbuckling.

The shop is dressed for fall and the weather played a trick on me a bit this year.

Usually this time of year it is smokin' hot still.

Well every since I opened the shop, the autumn has been hot anyways.

This year the switch flipped and we have been enjoying the wonderful cool weather and everyone has been ready to snuggle down into the new pillows and blankets

[of which I didn't order for fall this year as it's usually hot. jokes on me].

I took some photos to share with you all as it's been a stretch since I shared a shop tour here.

Enjoy your wander around my pillow filled vintage wonderland.

I should add as a side note that these photos were taken about 2 weeks ago so many of the pieces have moved, been rearranged or sold in the interim. Just to avoid disappointment if you are local and race right over. Always new pieces coming in and moving around.



 Display wise this was our subtle change for the season. We rearranged the spool tables to allow better flow in this area and movement and allow the tables to be accessed from all sides instead of having to do the reach and crash.

So far so good. 














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