Fall Pillow Collection

Because can you have too many?


Well of course you can but one of my favourite things to do with any season change, even if I'm not adding traditional seasonal decor is change my textiles. It's a simple change (the previous season pillows were likely in need of bath time anyways) and it makes it feel like you have a whole new room ready to go.

It was also pointed out to me last night that we "the women" do not hoard pillows because that's a dirty way of saying it. We curate or collect them.

Fine, I'll cop to that. I could be the queen bee of curating pillow covers. Whether I've made them or bought them over the years I have quite the "collection" going and like I said, it's one of my favourite ways to change things up.

This fall we split the pillow collections into 2 groups. The first was the more eclectic and traditional blend of fall with the rust tones, birds and pattern. It's the colours that instantly make you feel more cozy. Our second collection will relase in a few weeks as I literally just started sewing it yesterday. It will focus on the more casual European neutral vibes stripes and velvets that are leading us into our Christmas theme this year (which I am getting excited about I hate to say)


This was a larger collection so getting all the babes together in one area was a bit of a challenge. There were 12 different pieces that all worked together in one way or another. I was super happy with how it all pulled together and even ended up using more than a few in my own home for fall. I am working on a fall home tour so look for that to come. I know many of you have been emailing why I haven't been sharing my home as much as I used to. I guess a combination of time, and gun shy but I'm getting back into the swing of things.


1.Robert Allen Plume pillow   2. Hmong Thai Linen pillow    3. Thailand Indigo pillow

This pillow ended up being one of my favourites but a teaser to the online people. It had a rush sell right out of the gate and left not enough to put it into the online store as well. There are a couple left so if your heart must have you can send me an email or message me through instagram but becusae the remainder are all in the actual store there were not enough to actually list in the ONLINE SHOP..



1. African Kubu cloth pillow   2. Vintage Grainsack pillow    3. Autumn Siesta pillow

This muted combintation feels so natural and calm especially with the traditional topiary beside the sofa. The grainsack was backed with a natural Hmong fabric instead of our usual linen. It's an amazing simple accent pillow. Maybe not the softest to lay your head on but pretty nonetheless.


The very simple stripe tone of the above makes it an easy pillow to land on a chair but also a great jumping off point for a combination. It has pattern in the stripe but it's not loud enough to be the center of attention if you don't want it to be.


I also thought to share that just becuase the collection all works together doesn't mean they can't work with other pillows you have existing and in the case of above with our previous collections as well.

1. Tribal pillow lumbar  2. Autumn Siesta  3. Wave Mudcloth pillow

Well that's it for me today everyone,

More pillow stuffing and unpacking candles today at the shop plus you know the usual fun stuff like paperwork, emails and Christmas planning.

Talk soon,



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