Christmas Mantel 2014

Good morning everyone.

I thought I would share a little bit about the details of our Christmas mantel this year.
When going to plan the mantel this year I wanted to do something completely different. I have been using the magnolia stems for 4 years now mixed in with our African decor and thought it time for a change. Every season I take all of the decor off, clean the paintings, and scrub the mantel for dust, spiderwebs etc. Once I took everything off this year I thought maybe I would try a complete landscape of Christmas instead of blending into our global items paintings not withstanding.

I found the giant brass deer in the summer and once I got them and tons of books in place it all started to come together.

the full view. lots of gold, green and vintages goodies.

these lemon cypress trees are not in the best location light wise but i am ice cube watering them and they seem to be doing ok so far. i moved our trophy collection all across the mantel to keep the theme going.

when i was placing the vintage gold shiny brite ornaments around the mantel i noticed the lid of the box and though it might look neat as a piece of art, so a leaning piece of christmas vintage fun it turned out to be. you can see our general theme for the mantel is white, gold, green and rustic eclecticness.

even the little cardboard bayberry taper holder box is a little piece of unordinary art.

I really love how all the items came together. Our African and global collected pieces are taking a little nap until Christmas is over when I will put them back out with renewed love but the tigers will keep watch over the rest of the glitz and glamour.

In case you are new here, this is what our mantel looked like last year. I also remembered that the whitewashing of the bricks happened after last Christmas so it looks even darker.

Well have a nice day everyone and remember locals, tomorrow night is our next Christmas Vintage market. I have shopped and recreated a bunch more vintage decor goodies for your homes or gifts.  See you there

Have a great day,


To see this years Christmas house tour from the beginning click here or the photo

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